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I think Episode 4 was the most emotionally charged episode yet… either that, or I am insanely hormonal right now because I had tears in my eyes through most of it.

I’m back on the O’Brien Hate Train. Mind yo’ own business, bitch. Go fix your hair. She shows such empathy with Lang, but then not with the soldiers? Not saying I don’t like the complexity of it, but she aggravated me this week.

Sybil and Branson are heading towards turmoil and I really can’t decide whether I want them together or not. I hate that she’s the one who would have to give up her life, but I can’t help but love that they could break barriers. Maybe if she was completely sure she loved him, I’d feel differently. I’d hate for Sybil to give up her life for someone she cares about, but isn’t in love with. Sybil is badass… she deserves something epic. 

The whole Ethel storyline was predictible, though I am thrilled that the rumors of her having an affair with Grantham and getting pregnant were untrue. Phew. Nothing much to say about it, as I’m indifferent to her character anyway. 

Am I allowed to say that I was glad Isobel left? I sort of liked her in the first season, but she’s been fucking insufferable this season. It is Lady Grantham’s house. She moved their damn lunch time, she didn’t punch them all in the face, so calm it down. Didn’t miss her much, though I sort of felt bad when Matthew was missing and Robert couldn’t contact her.

Speaking of the great Lord Grantham, he was at Sybil levels of badassery in this ep… admitting he thought of Matthew as a son and rescuing Bates. I love that he’s not so far up his own ass that he can’t admit a mistake. The bromance between him and Bates gets me all verklempt too. 

The “soup kitchen” was fab. I wanted to slap Mrs. Bird when she was dismissive of the vagabond, so thank you, Molesley! I have a soft spot in my heart for Molesley anyway. I mean, doesn’t he just emit “sad case” vibes? Julian Fellowes, get that poor man some nookie, especially since his dreams of being Robert’s valet were crushed.


Excuse me, that was just me thinking about Matthew walking into the concert like a boss. And then remembering that Mary still fucking kept her mouth shut and didn’t run up to him and shove her tongue down his throat. YOU THOUGHT HE DIED, MARY CRAWLEY. You give it up to the Turkish male model in the first night you meet him, but Matthew Fucking Crawley returns from nearly being decimated by the Germans and you just go on singing your little song? Girl, look at your life. Look at your choices. 

Ahem. Can’t wait for next week.

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